Friday, August 7, 2009

Locust blossoms.

It took me a few false starts with these tiny flowers. I looked at and them and looked at them for the longest time but couldn't really see them. I tried drawing them from a different angles, but my flowers looked like blobs. I wasn't happy.

But I was determined to make a sketch that looked something like the real flower and continued to hold the sprig of blossoms in various positions. When I finally held it with the flowers dangling I finally "saw" them. They suddenly reminded me a bit of snow drops, the tiny flowers that appear close to the ground in late winter. With this new perspective, I was able to render a drawing of locust tree blossoms.

The drawing isn't perfect - I have trouble with light colors, but I like it.

And I like the locust trees when they are bursting with their flowers like they are now in the parks. The ground under the trees is covered with fallen flowers and petals. It's a dreamy look, I think.

The flowers are adorable and they are tasty too. You can eat them, which makes me wonder about John the Baptist. It's said that he lived on locusts. Well, maybe it was the tasty and fragrant locust blossoms and not the unappealing insect we assume. I hope so.

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