Saturday, August 8, 2009

A silkworm moth.

The kids and I have been raising silkworms, and this moth is one from our first batch. The moths recently emerged from their cocoons. Silkworm moths can't fly, though they flap their wings occassionally, and they can't eat. They can mate, and they do that for a few days before dying.

Their feelers remind me of a handlebar mustache.


  1. You have begun a joyous journey and are off to a great start! Oooooh, such fun! You will enjoy your world so much more because you will look at everything very, very closely. If you are interested in ink and watercolor, take a look at books by Claudia Nice. Have fun.

  2. Thank you, Connie. I appreciate the encouragement as I start out.

    I currently use colored pencils. They are so handy to carry around and to use, but I am eager to try paints and ink at some point. I'll look for Claudia Nice's book.

  3. These are just some great drawings. It's really impressive that you set out to teach yourself to draw. With such nice results. I think it helps you to see what you're looking at, and maybe to look at what you're looking at. Thanks for sharing them.

    Bob Pope, Akron, Ohio

  4. This is great. I admire what you are doing and what you are doing. Keep at it. It will give you a second sight into everything around you.

    Rex Winn, Provo, Utah

  5. Thank you, Bob, for kind words. I'd like to look at what I'm looking at...sounds like a good goal in life.

    Loki, thanks for the boost and for words about "second sight." I never thought of it that way, but you're right.

    I hope all of you will stop by again!

  6. While I am quite impressed with the quality and feel of your drawings, I am extremely impressed with your attitude and approach. So many people spend a lifetime wishing they were "artists" and allow a perceived lack of talent or technique stop them dead in their tracks.
    I write a blog focusing upon a number of ways of opening up and committing oneself to art - perhaps you might like to stop by.
    Good luck! Bob

  7. Of course I'll check out your blog, Bob at artquest1. Sounds like just the place I need to visit.

  8. Not only is your drawing coming along beautifully . . . . your blog is entertaining and educational! I plan to revisit often.

  9. vickylw, I'm glad you'll be back, and maybe you'll see some progress over time...I hope!