Friday, August 7, 2009

I usually sketch plants, but today my son found a dead cicada on the sidewalk and I wanted to draw it. I don't like insects, but the cicada appealed to me. The wings of this bug are magical and they glisten as if they have gold dust sprinkled on them. The bug eyes are charming. My son was nice enough to carry the cicada home for me.

It wasn't easy for me to draw this guy and his tranparent wings, but it was fun. I might try another sketch of him.


  1. I love cicadas...well I don't like how loud they are...but they are really fascinating little insects. You did a great job.

  2. Thanks, Sacredartist. I agree they are fascinating. I'm continually amazed at their wings. I checked out your blog...oh, a fellow embroiderer! I know I'll be back checking out your projects.

  3. If you check out a post on my blog dated Feb 2008 Japanese Chirimen Bags will see my obsession with cicadas. I also have quite a few ATC cicadas that people have traded with me to add to my collection. One a person took the wings and drew the body and pasted the wings on top and then covered with clear wrap.
    I used to collect them when we were living in Alabama. They taught me a lesson. One day my children were watching a cicada try to emerge from his shell. They thought they would help and ended up weakening it and it died. Sometime we try to intervine in the growth of our children and end up weakening them by pushing them in an unnatural direction...or at least this is what I think.

  4. Very cute chirmen bags. I'm going to file that idea away for the future.

    When the person covered the ATC with clear wrap, what was used to adhere the wrap? Covered the whole card or just the wing to make them appear transparent. Great idea for a card.

    Yes, I agree about "helping."