Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dandelions are everywhere, you might as well draw one.

I pick this drawing to kick off my blog about making art. I'm not a trained artist, as perhaps you've noticed, but that doesn't stop me from loving to draw and write and occassionally sew.

I often don't make the time in my daily life to make art and to be inspired by what I see around me. This blog is about a challenge I made for myself: to start paying more attention to my own creativity and to the creative spirit of others.

The specifics of the challenge are that I either make something myself every day and/or notice something that someone else has made or that is part of nature. This blog will be a record of what I make and what I notice.


  1. You're already off to a much better start than I would be. I'm awful at drawing.

    I think this is a great way to record your journey. It'll be interesting to look back in a year (or even a few months) and see how you've improved and grown.

  2. Thanks, Jessi. (I bet you're really not awful at drawing.)

  3. I really enjoyed looking through your blog and wanted to welcome you to EDM. I too live in NYC and love drawing in this fabulous place. Meet-up Drawing Group is meeting Sunday in Washington Square Park. Here is the info.

  4. Shirley,
    Thanks for the welcome and for letting me know about the drawing group!! I'll check out the website.

  5. You're either very much a "natural" , a great teacher, a fast learner - or all of the above (which I believe is the case).