Thursday, August 19, 2010

I spent the afternoon at one of these tables today.

And this is what I saw while I sat there.

Yesterday I visited the botanical garden in the Bronx.

I'm trying to get the hang of drawing scenes. It's a challenge for me to draw something I can't hold in my hand. I'll keep practicing.


  1. Nice self-challenging post! I like it when someone goes beyond what they do and try something new and usually it's a breakthrough in the making. That's such a nice place to be spending your afternoon in, surrounded by all the beauty of nature. The sketches are really nice =)

  2. Thank you, Alex! I would be thrilled if I'm heading toward a breakthrough (much nicer than a break down, lol!).

  3. What a lovely place to sit and sketch! I love the atmosphere and your sketches turned out great! Not as detailed as the ones when you're holding it in your hand, but I don't think it is supposed to be!

  4. Love it! What a fresh result!
    Beautiful place to spend your time, with no doubt.

  5. Raena: I'm very lucky to go to The Cloisters rather frequently. You're right that it's a wonderful atmosphere.

    Anais: Thanks for the kind words. I like the word fresh - that is a fun way to think about it.

  6. Beautiful Resi - so great your posting again.