Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh dear. Another unfinished sketch from my morning
walk-sketch outing. The change in my schedule
in the fall is showing up in
my sketchbooks...or, rather, not showing up in my sketchbooks.

But, the good news is that this plant is past the blooming stage and won't change much before I can get back to it tomorrow morning. And, the little garden I visited today is across the street from a great coffee shop with friendly staff and nice bathroom. Woohoo. Life is good.

Colored pencil in a brand new Moleskine notebook, purchased last evening and opened this morning.


  1. I have been inspired by you! Not so much to sketch every day, but to add bits of color to my journal with doodles and such.

  2. I wouldn't worry to much. You'll adjust. It just takes a bit of time. I've lots of unfinished sketches at the moment, but I'll get to them. I'm sure you will too.

  3. That's great, Annie. It really has been fun for me to doodle around my words.

    Heather, I wish I could get into my groove faster. Oh well, keep trying.