Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Next time someone says to me after a late dinner, "How about some coffee?" remind me not to say, "Make it an espresso."

And the next time it's midnight on a Tuesday and I say, "Let's flip the record and listen to the other side now," please remind me that Wednesday morning comes in a hurry.

I don't mind unfinished drawings, but I sure would like to get started on one before I leave it unfinished, and I need to be awake and out of bed to do that.

The day is still young, though, and maybe I can shirk some responsibilties and get back to the drawing pad before bedtime.

Colored pencils, pencil, regular ol' drawing paper, made in a rush this morning in the church yard down the street.


  1. Wow, I love the shading on the petal. You can see it so well when you "biggify" the drawing! Maybe you'll get it finished!

  2. It's looking lovely so far. I keep getting talked into staying up late, meaning I'm getting much less sleep. I'm sure it'll catch up on my shortly!