Monday, August 10, 2009

The story goes that if a lady touches a leaf of this plant, the mark of her thumbprint will be left behind.

My little bundle of leaves didn't have the mark in the middle of any of them, but I'm not taking it personally.

Lady's Thumb is a weed that grows everywhere. I'm glad it's abundant in the parks around here because it gave me something to draw while my kids had soccer practice.


  1. This is good. Makes me want to draw. I went camping last week and my sister-in-law handed me a sketch pad and a bag of pencils and told me to draw her trees. I don't like just using pencil. I drew it but it was boring all one color.

  2. Loki is actually my dog, a min pin. He is my little Buddha who keeps me in the moment and my inspiration to be better and more patient.

    I'm an old man and have been in many art classes. You are doing exceptional work. In my experience, it is not easy making an interesting piece of artwork out of "small" flowers, but you do it consistently with a wonderful sense of color.

    I understand what Connie is saying; that's why I like watercolor. Having said that, if one has to draw in one color, one learns a very important lesson in contrast. If everything is the same color, you see nothing. Your drawings sparkle.

    Also, might as well confess you make me feel guilty, which is a good thing. I just retired and hope one of these days to follow your good example. Thanks for sharing these. Rex

  3. Connie, when I first started this learn-to-draw experiment last year, I couldn't SEE colors. I mean, I could see that leaves were green, bark was brown, etc. but I really didn't SEE everything that was going on with color.

    Now, I'm starting to get the idea, though I feel very clumsy about it. There's nothing wrong with my sight or brain. It's just that I have spent a lifetime not really noticing beyond the superficial.

    I have to say, though, that pencil drawings do appeal to me. (And one pencil is sure lighter to carry around than the bundle of colored pencils I've been carrying!)

  4. Loki/Rex, it made me giggle to read that Loki is your dog's name...and YOUR name is Rex! :)

    I read some of your family history on your blog, and I'll be back to read more. Very interesting reading.

    It's funny what you say about small flowers because recently I forced myself to draw something bigger than a flower. I'm used to enlarging the subject on the page. I found it next to impossible to reduce a big subject to a small page. I definitely need more practice (and patience with myself). In the meantime, I do love the small subjects.

    And now, Rex, pull out your watercolors and paint!