Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I rode the 1 train to upper Manhattan to visit a place called Swindler Cove.

Swindler Cove is on the east side of the island, along the Harlem River. For years and years people dumped all sorts of garbage at the site, but the area is being restored now. I'm impressed with the work the restoration group has done, and Swindler Cove is a lovely, quiet, and fun garden to visit, once you get past a few junkies hanging out on the benches where Dyckman Street crosses Nagle Avenue.

As I drew by the tiny pond in the park, I heard a bullfrog croaking. It took me awhile to recognize the sound because it wasn't one I expected to hear. A park worker said a turtle lived in the pond, too, but somebody stole it.

"Turtle is a delicacy to some people," he said and shrugged.


  1. Thank you for your lovely words on my blog. It's great to find someone else who is just learning to draw and is blogging about it. It's a wonderful voyage of discovery: of the world around us and of ourselves, don't you think? I've just read your blog and it's beautiful! I love the ease with which you write, and the stories you tell about the objects you are drawing. Your drawings are also beautiful. I hope you don't mind me adding your blogroll to my blog?


  2. Heather, I'm so glad you popped by here! It will be fun to see what each other discovers on the page.

  3. Love your drawings - these are all fantastic!
    Welcome to EDM :-)

  4. Groase... eating a turtle! Sorry... I have a weak stomach LOL. Beautiful drawing. I love the colors.

  5. Heather; thanks for your comments on my blog. I think we will have much in common. For starters we both love art and second both of our Father's have passed away. That's a start.
    Thanks again.