Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I made this simple line drawing of a geranium in the churchyard down the street this morning.

I like drawing this plant because it's complicated and I have to edit as I draw. I like the bench that is next to the plant (I like that very much), and I like the cup of coffee I buy before heading to the bench. I would like more time to work on the drawing, but I suppose it's good to have many things to do. Still, I wouldn't mind dumping the to-do list once in awhile, or at least draw a flower on top of it.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful place to sit, sip coffee, and draw! And it's a terrific start! Hope you get a chance to return!

  2. Your flower sketches are beautiful - I particularly like the ground ivy sketch. All of the plants you have shown here are completely new to me - I am in the North of England. It's lovely to see the difference in the everyday things that surround us all!

  3. I really love the style to your drawings and that you are using coloured pencils, a medium that I have been using.

  4. Hello there! Thank you so much, for your kind words in my blog.
    About your work I liked very much the idea of collecting things and drawing them. Nice!
    I liked very much the sketches and pictures I saw here.
    Whish you all the best!

  5. Love the outline presentation.
    Glad you enjoyed the little WIP of my Breaux Bridge sketch =)