Thursday, September 3, 2009

This morning I ran into my neighbor on my way home from drawing outdoors.

"I saw one of your drawings online," he said. A picture I drew was on a local website awhile ago.

"Oh yeah? I drew something this morning. What to see?" I pulled out this drawing to show him.

"Uh hum," he said, looking at the sheet of paper. "What kind of flower is that?"

"I'm not sure," I said. "It's dead. Those are dried up leaves and a dried up stalk, and those little round's all dried up. I don't know what the flowers looked like."

"Uh hum," said my neighbor, "I went on vacation and took photos of live flowers. They're beautiful. I put them in a slideshow on Flickr."

I gave him my email so he could send me a link to the show.
update: I checked out his photos, and they are very nice.

Colored pencils on bristolbard.


  1. I love those subtle colors and wavy leaves. Whatever it is it's a beautiful drawing!

  2. You've given new life to this plant...I love it!

  3. A lovely drawing. Having studied art history I couldn't help but think of the symbolism that dead flowers have in the history of art.

  4. I love this... not only the drawing but your conversation with your neighbour.

  5. What a hoot! I hope you managed to keep a straight face.... Lovely sketch of the dead flower. I think your neighbour just doesn't 'get it'!

  6. Ann: the colors were fun to capture in this plant. The foliage is amazing, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

    MaryO: I like that idea of giving the plant life.

    Gary: One of the coolest comments ever.

    KellyArtJournaling: I liked the conversation, too.

    Marancat: Oh, I smiled.

  7. I love the subtle colors and spareness of it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you, my dear, have a great eye! nancy

  8. Bill Watterson drew a dead bird in his Calvin & Hobbes strip - I am always amazed at how beauty is to be found everywhere if you open your eyes.

    Seems you and your neighbour just look at different things - and you understand that. Perhaps he will too! =)

    Beautiful drawing. Heart-opening.

  9. Lovely to see it finished. I love dead flowers, there's something so imperfect about them, and don't you just love imperfection?