Monday, September 14, 2009

This drawing fits nicely on the page spread, I think, and making the drawing was easy to fit into my morning today. I walked out the door, found the nearest flower, and drew it.

Simple pleasure.

Pencil, Moleskine sketchbook, and a little time in the morning.


  1. Gracefully portrayed.
    I like your idea of drawing something
    every morning.

    Cheers, Doug

  2. Nice cute ones, and are we expecting this one to be something as elegantly expressed as the previous one? ( I really really like the previous one ) ^^

  3. Hello, everyone! I agree that simple pleasures are the best, and such a great way to start the day. I think I'm leaving this one alone, Alex, but might try to make a lino print from it. I'd like to improve my printmaking skills. On to the next drawing...

  4. It's like starting your day with a little meditation! Lovely sketch!

  5. Ooo you are doing lino prints. I've been doing that in class this past week. They're not very good, but it's my first time. I hope to get better! Have you tried monoprinting? It's very similar to lino printing. In fact, I can't see much of a difference as we were using the lino cut for it. I'm going to be doing drypoint etching next week. No idea what it is, but looking forward to it!

  6. boyohboy I love how you are seeing both positive and negative spaces, keeping composition clean and moving. Lovely

  7. Your work is beautiful, it's the kind of work "I" dream of doing!!! Thanks for the kinkd words at '!!

    eon scott

  8. I looked a several of your drawings. I really like your style and subject matter. I have a weakness for flowers and you portray them with grace, beauty, and style. Please keep producing your "gems".

  9. Raena, it IS meditation - so true. I need to be content with only a few minutes of sketching some days, but even a minute is better than no time spent doing it at all. My days are better when I start them out by sketching.

    Heather, I bought more supplies, but haven't used them yet.

    Phyllis and Ramona, thank you for the encouraging words.

    And Eon comment wasn't just kind words. Your art is what I see in my head.