Sunday, August 23, 2009

Soon after I got to the farmers market on Saturday, it started to rain a bit, and then thunder, and then pour and pour some more and more and more.

I stood under the eaves of a building and made a contour drawing of a tall plant against a black fence to keep me occupied until the sky cleared.

The sky never did clear, and I walked back to the train in the rain, worrying about the water drenching my notebooks and not even thinking about how my hair and clothes must have looked soaked.

I love fresh tomotoes like I bought today at the market before it rained, I love a good summer thunderstorm, and I'm sure I'd love one of those waterproof notebooks I've heard about.

Number 2 pencil and black colored pencil in a damp Moleskine sketchbook.

My day in the rain.


  1. This is a lovely drawing, beautiful lines.

  2. Funny! I've seen a lot of moleskine art, but this is the first damp one - lent an authentic feel to the drawing, I thought.

    Nice work.

  3. Resi,
    Which museum was having a printmaking session? So sorry I missed it.

  4. Thanks, Peachtreeart. I'm always tickled when the composition turns out nicely.

    Shirley, I emailed you the details.